i hate your lies

I should have left work some time ago, butI am tidying up because I like returning to clean living spaces when I come home. Or, the office. Really, I guess work could be considered a "home" - how much time do we spend at work in our lives, anyways? If I liked math I might try to figure it out.

This week has been unbelievable, in the odd, life-throws-curve-balls kind of way. Through strange circumstances I have seen some work relationships crumble before my eyes, and others be built into deeper and beautiful things. I have again witnessed the importance of doing what is right, despite it seeming like the harder road to take, and the crushing results of not choosing to do so. I have thought often about something I do know, but sometimes forget -

poor and foolish choices often wound and destroy others moreso than the chooser.

There is so much freedom in truth! Deceit, or even untruth, is a gnawing beast. Your insides are continually chewed away. Honesty - what release from that inner torment!

So with a completely strange-unhappy-good week behind me, I set my sites on West Africa. We'll be in Senegal for a week, the Liberia. There are all sorts of things I am looking forward to - food distributions with the World Food Program, spending time with children and youth who are being rehabilitated from slavery and abuse during the civil war, agriculture and livestock projects . . . there will be much to pack into a short time.

We go armed with a whole bunch of boy's soccer jerseys and balls, which I look forward to giving away. As I have heard said, for many football is life.

So. Must pack, and help Martin stock the fridge, find a good book to read on the journey, and I will be off. . .

Until May, then.