Sweet (and good) things of summer:
Blueberry icecream.
Watching Max pull hair.
Wonderful friends visiting.
Belly laughs.
Honest conversation.
Painting doors and windows red.
Summer cuddles with Max.
My first medium-rare burger.
Visiting two of Sweden's archipelagos.
Strawberries, milk, and coffee.
Beach sand like icing sugar between toes.
Takeaway Thai on a balcony overlooking the Baltic sea at sunset.
"Homemade" strawberry rhubarb icecream.
Road trips with Martin and Max. East coast, west coast, three different islands.
Babies in their diapers.
Sweltering hot summer days.
Two non-swimmers (one Canadian and one Swedish) taking an evening dip in the lake.
Spending time with family.
Suntanning on the rocky shores of the west coast.
Continued learnings on the charcoal grill.
Completing projects around the house.
Martin, the "waspbuster", protecting his wife and son.
Spending time with Martin's parents.
Discovered places: old coffee houses, historical farms, tiny B&Bs and a beautiful gardens tucked away in a small island village.
Friend's handmade gifts: beautiful, sweet things for Max.
The (sometimes surprising) thoughtfulness of people on my birthday.
Strawberry torte on my 28th birthday -- layered shortcake with whipped cream, vanilla custard, and loaded with locally grown strawberries.

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