something real

This morning we awoke to find the windows wetted and frosted half-way up. The sun is bravely attempting to burn through both cloud and pine -- a hopeful start for the day.
Max awoke at 6:30 am, and lying almost comatose beside him on the couch I thought about:

Thought about how much energy I expend on the

When energy and thought, emotion and ability could be summoned/mustered/corralled into something intentional, concrete.

So for the next time I sit to write, it will be about people and places I love; ways of being that inspire me, people that plow through the everyday normalcy of life in small western Canadian cities, or pockmarked and shell-riddled Bosnian villages, or the south Sudanese wilderness. People like Gudeta, Michal, Angelika, Dr. Daniel Madit Thon Duop, Rob Jones. Oh the list is wonderfully long. How have I been so blessed in my short life to meet so many wonderful people? Where shall I begin?