The summer heat has arrived and I like the stickiness you get in the crooks of your elbows. Summer sounds are music: an oscillating fan or sprinkler, with that familiar rythmn, a lawnmower, crickets, or if you're lucky, frogs in the evening. Of course, if you live in downtown Calgary during the Stampede, it's mixed with traffic, sirens, and untalented cover bands playing in tent-bars across the river. In a way, summer is so lovely it becomes almost tragic - the coming and going of heat, swimming, birthdays and barbecues, and it feels like it's almost over. Or that it's ending as I write. Obviously it's because I live where I do and winter falls like a gillotine in October.
I am going to do my best to keep in the moment. Eat as much Canadian-grown fresh fruit as possible. Enjoy the stickness, eat homemade popsicles, get dirty feet, make picnics and sleep on blankets in the park. Go on roadtrips whenever I can.
Martin and I are heading to BC for a short getaway in the Shuswaps, and I am so stoked - we are going to stop at the Enchanted Forest on the way back. This is one of the ultimates of reliving my childhood. It's the closest thing to entering into a living Narnia as one could get. Of course, not even possibly as close, but it holds the same sort of pure, childish enchantment. I couldn't be more happy to be heading out somewhere. It's almost as good as running away. Not quite. But almost.